Friday, December 21, 2012

It's The Holiday Season

In my day to day, I've had lots of different blog post ideas swimming around in my brain- but just not the time to sit down and put the fingers to the keys.  So I suppose I will do a bit of a recap and make a promise to be much more attentive to my little blog in the coming New Year. 

While it most definitely was not a conscience decision, I took a few weeks away from Etsy this holiday season.  I spent a lot of the early fall stocking up my store with lots of neat finds and I was becoming overwhelmed and at times, completely frazzled with the work load I put on myself.  With a 4.5 year old and a 16 month old at home, running a business is always interesting and I think it just caught up with me.  So while I have been consistently shipping orders throughout November and December, I just haven't spent much time listing or photographing, in part due to the fact that my regular photography area is now occupied by our beautiful Christmas tree.  I thought all this "time off" would make me anxious.

It hasn't. 

In fact, I realized something important about my life and how finding a balance between my family and my business needs to be my focus.  Last Friday (as I'm sure a lot of people did) I spent most of the day in tears.  The thought of losing my own child just does not process in my mind and my heart felt as though it broke a hundred times for those families.  And it didn't happen to me.  I cannot begin to imagine living each day in that nightmare.

So it seems for me, this just added to my growing feeling that I need to hug my children more and worry just a bit less about my shop.  And so I have, I've hugged my children even more than I already do.  For me it's important to be grateful on a daily basis, but that sense of gratitude has been magnified over and over in the last several months.  I think we've all had a taste of that.  My business is incredibly important to me, but I'm learning that I don't need to sacrifice my life for the quality of my work.  My work will still be the best that I can give, just in slightly smaller doses that are more easily managed.

On a brighter note, I've also spent the last several weeks getting in touch with my long dormant crafty side.  I used to really enjoy the regular DIY project but having kids seemed to eliminate any interest I had in using up any free time I had.  But as my children are growing and bit more independent in their play time, I had some moments to work on a few Christmas gifts for friends and family this year.  It was nice.

My first inspiration came from Pinterest- a concept from Design Sponge for a faux terrarium Christmas ornament.  Here's how mine turned out:

I spent loads of hours surfing around Etsy (as I'm sure a lot of you do) and found that the water-less snow globe/winter scenes in a jar really spoke to me.  I'm still working on these and hope to put a few in my shop at some point, even if they are a bit late for the season. 

I gave this one to my next door neighbor

Not the best photograph as pictures involving glass/reflection are not usually my friend.

Big J gave her preschool teachers some butterfly ornaments for Christmas and she was so excited to give them something she made herself.  I was a pretty proud mamma.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!  I'm looking forward to all the possibilities of 2013.

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