Monday, October 22, 2012

Shades of Autumn

For well over a year now, my husband (and various members of my in-law family) have been working on and off on our unfinished third floor attic.  Dry wall, molding, paint and a lot of take away pizza and hoagies went into that attic to become what it is today.  And with the birth of our son, things slowed down, as they seem to do.  So it felt a bit like a dream to see carpet laid down and the finishing touches applied to such a fresh space.  I want to scream from the rooftops, "I have an office now!!"

Well, not just an office (she says reluctantly) but a playroom/office/workshop for kids/me/my husband.  But there's room enough for everyone.  At the moment, only my desk, filing cabinet, printer and dress form are in place but by the end of the week, I hope to have a more permanent situation.  I'm so excited that I'm sure there will be pictures to follow.

In the shuffle of all our belongings from one floor to the next, I found myself stopping by my very necessary storage locker, where a lot of my excess inventory and retired baby clothes get tucked away.  And I found these gems.  Three simply gorgeous 1960s textured nylon ladies blouses, with all autumn appeal.  Granny smith apple green, cinnamon spice brown and pumpkin orange.  Beautiful and lovely. 

Love love love the collars on these tops.
Sooooo cute.

Oh!  And it's not too late for Halloween orders- feel free to contact me for express shipping times and prices!  As always, my daughter's costume choice is still up in the air.  Last I checked, she was going to be a princess/fairy/pirate/robot or something like that.  My son, at just 14 months is much less opinionated.  He's going to be a dinosaur (his costume was a birthday present).  I'm sure pictures of this will follow as well.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Today {Yesterday} is a Gift

Yesterday morning my daughter woke up at about 8:30.  (Yes, I'm one of those lucky parents who other parents often dislike immensely because my children {usually/sometimes/may} sleep til 8-9 AM.)  In my own defense, when my children are awake, they are typically running me in circles, they have high energy levels, but when they crash they are out cold.  But I digress.  She pads down the stairs in her footie jammies and comes into the kitchen where I’m answering email, sipping my coffee and preparing for the day.  She announces loudly that she needs to use the bathroom and so I shoo her into the powder room to do her business. 

And the following is a continuous stream of one sided conversation, which is pretty standard for my daughter, who has her mother's gift of the gab.  J- “Mommy, I need to go pee.  Will you help me with my jammies when I’m done, can we watch that show we watched yesterday, will you get me a drink, I really liked that show yesterday, what was it called, WAIT!  (She comes out into the kitchen with jammies dragging behind)  Mommy, there’s no toilet paper, will you start the roll, will you put it on the hanger, will you help me with my jammies.”  The endless stream of conversation stops short when she reaches the kitchen table.  “What’s that Mommy?  This is BEAU-TI-FUL!”  She points at a blue enamel flower pin I sold that morning.  “Is it a present?”  She then points at the wrapping paper on the table.  “It’s for a customer,” I reply.  J- “Oh, that’s so beautiful, I really like that.”  And off she went, immediately back to babbling about the toilet paper and the toilet paper hanger and the t.v. show and preschool and breakfast.  Today is a gift (or should I say yesterday), both in the literal and figurative senses.  Yesterday's gift was a good belly laugh at my daughter and her endless exuberance.

Other more literal gifts are coming, as the holiday season will soon be upon us.  To me, vintage is a perfect, one of a kind gift that can bring back memories, or can replace something long since lost or can remind the recipient of an inside joke.
On a less sentimental note, I gift wrap!  Yup, I'll be happy to gift wrap a purchase in any of my shops, just send me a message and we'll work out the details- I have a fairly large stock of vintage wrapping paper for all occasions.  It's sure to make any vintage lovers day!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Blog Neglect

It has been a busy few days and so my blog is sadly bare.  I blame it on my mommy gig, it's had me tied up for days (actually everyday), but then when you throw the occasional work-out-of-the-home day for Mom, it really spices things up.  This past week, I was out of the house not one, but two whole days for my side line job as an auction clerk.

I cannot express with words what a perfect fit clerking is for me.  It is a near second/third, rivaled only by motherhood and my online shops.  The rhythm of the auctioneer's call, the adrenaline rush of the bidding and the excitement of the unknown surprises.  Perfect fit.  It is just the right pace for me.

But when I come home, I'm never quite sure what I'll find.  Upon my return Wednesday night, I found my daughter had already gone to bed but my wild little son was bouncing about the room like a pinball.  He happily cried, "Daddy!" and ran to me with arms open wide.  Yes, he calls me Daddy.  And any mommy reading this surely understands my level of disappointment (like watching your ice cream slide right off the cone).  But he is in the midst of some serious Daddy Hero Worship so I tolerated the greeting.  Then after a hug he was on his way.  Fortunately he crashed in his crib just a few minutes later.  Apparently he was running on E. 

When I returned from work yesterday, both my children didn't seem to notice I was even there.  They acknowledged me and went right back to the fun times they were having.  I suppose I should be grateful, as these are the signs of emotionally well adjusted children.  Right?  But I realized this weekend that both my kids are growing more self sufficient everyday.  And there are fewer and less frequent traumas and tantrums when I leave home without them.  It is sort of a relief and sort of a sadness.

I'm leaving with a sneak peek of things I love that are coming to the shop shortly.  But before I share, have you stopped by my new shops beautiesrecycled and vintagekidlets to say hello?  Please do, I'm lonely over there. 

Happy Monday!