Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Autumnal Love(s)

Second to Christmas, autumn is my favorite time of year.  October is the month that my husband and I fell in love, 11 years ago.  Aw.  And for that it holds a fondness for us both.  I feel the thrumming of fall in my veins- I know that plants die and the trees lose their leaves, but I seem to feel more alive.  Some of my happiest autumn memories are of pumpkin patch trips, apple cider from the orchard nearby, sweaters and cold hands. 

And of course rummage sales.  Ah yes I love you, Rummage Sale, more than you could ever know.  For a few precious weekends in September and October, it's rummage sale and flea market season, of which there are several nearby that I go to each year.  It is definitely possible that I get more excited about these shopping trips than I ever was as a child opening gifts on Christmas Day.  

This weekend marked the first of the series that I go to.  The weather was dreary, slightly wet and and windy.  Not the cheeriest of days.  But without the immediate threat of rain, I drank my coffee quietly in the kitchen and headed off, excited to find something fun.  I managed to slip out without waking the husband or either of the kids (yay me!) and had a couple hours to myself to shop.  At this point in my life, a couple hours to myself feels odd.  The sensation of losing your keys, over and over- checking for little children and then remembering they are safe at home with Daddy.  Phew.

Today's finds were strictly jewelry.  Some great autumn colored costume jewelry necklaces, a couple sweater clips, a butterfly necklace and three enamel flower pins.  I'm torn about the pins, as I have a massive collection of my own that is busting at its seams.  There's a good chance that they will end up in the shop, ready to go be a part of someone else's collection.  We'll see.

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