Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yesterday my children took the mostly unheard of Simultaneous Extended Nap Time.  You'll notice the letters, S.E.N.T.  Yes, that's right, because it was heaven sent.  I'm sure for anyone at home with their kids, they feel pretty darn lucky to get a S.E.N.T. day now and again.  For me, I'm fairly sure the sensation is akin to winning the lottery.

No lie.

We attended the wedding (which was so lovely) of old friends on Sunday night, so my kids were with my mom, who is a true baby whisperer.  I'm not sure what she does or how she does it, but our 4 year old was long asleep in her bed and our toddler was happy as a clam when we returned around 9:30.  So I chalk up the rare S.E.N.T. to my mom wearing them out.  Or the other way around.  Hard to say.  No matter the reason, I am never one to look a gift horse in the mouth.  So yesterday afternoon turned into an unscheduled photography event.  Did I mention the nap lasted 3 hours?  Yep, both kids, passed out, three hours.  I didn't take a count but I know I have enough items photographed to keep me busy most of the week (longer if I'm honest).  Yay for small triumphs!

So I didn't sweat it when my son woke around 5 this morning- instead I went into his room to attempt to rock him back to sleep when I realized- he's freezing.  All this going on about how fall is coming to the beautiful state of PA and I forget that nights this week will be around 45* or so.  So I wrap the poor thing in a blanket and I wasn't rocking him for more than a moment and he was out again.  Mommy fail.

But it's not my fault.  I blame my seasonal confusion on these guys.  We are so fortunate that our garden is still producing, although the end is near.  I was out yesterday afternoon picking tomatoes and peppers and I guess I should bring in the rest this week since frost will come before we know it.  And I'm thinking I should put away the thin cotton summer jammies so the kids don't freeze.  Doh.

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